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Laser Cavity Finder

Laser Cavity FinderCavities can be tricky to locate-they can hide below the gum surface, between teeth, and even deep within the tooth itself. But Dr. Kroll now has in his arsenal three different cavity finders utilizing the latest in detection technology, meaning those pesky cavities can hide no longer.

The first of these weapons against cavities is Diagnodent, which uses a laser to shine light onto the tooth and measure the amount of fluorescence. The more fluorescence, the larger the cavity. Cavities sometimes hide in places where a normal dental instrument can't detect them.With Diagnodent Dr. Krol can find decaywhen it is still small, and often treat it with air abrasion that uses a fine powder to remove the decay. That means no drilling and no anesthetics!

Another weapon against cavities is NEKS, which uses technology similar to Diagnodent but is especially helpful in discovering cavities between teeth.

Also at Dr. Kroll's disposal is Logicon Caries Detection Software. After taking a digital x-ray image, Logicon can detect density variations in your tooth-if the software detects a lower density, there's good chance a cavity is present. Happily, if the density variations are small, there's a good chance the cavity hasn't penetrated the inner surface of your tooth or the dentin, which means-once again-it can be treated without drilling!

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