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Cosmetic DentistryWhen people look at you, often the first thing they notice is your smile. And now amazing technological advancements in cosmetic dentistry mean you never need be afraid of flashing your pearly whites!

Here are just a couple of the new advancements Dr. Kroll and the staff of Alta Mesa Family Dentistry in Monterey has at their disposal to give you the beautiful smile you deserve.

Cerec (short for ceramic reconstruction) creates absolutely perfect porcelain restorations-from crowns to inlays to onlays-in just one office visit. No more temporaries or follow-up appointments! Using a high tech 3D infrared camera and CAD/CAM technology CAD/CAM (link this to the interior page on CAD/CAM), a precise imageis created of your tooth once the old filling or crown is removed. The information is then sent to a machine that mills the restoration with a type of porcelain thatmimics human enamel-to the perfect size and shape. Dr. Kroll then cements the restoration in place and you're done, leaving the office with beautiful, strong, and lifelike ceramic fillings and crowns that will last a lifetime-and no more unsightly metals!

Also, Dr. Kroll and his staff can enhance your smile without a shot or drilling thanks to new veneers that are as thin as a contact lens! Lumineers (simply the trade name for a type of porcelain veneer) can completely transform your smile in only two visits to his Alta Mesa Family Dentistry practice in Monterey. Want to close those gaps between your teeth or make them whiter? Want to get rid of those old ugly bonded fillings stained from coffee or red wine? Let your smile shine with beautiful porcelain veneers, the easy and painless way to look your best.

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