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Dental CleaningIt's a scary statistic: 90% of all adults over the age of 45 have some form of periodontal disease, making it the number one disease in the United States. Periodontal problems arise from bacterial infections in the gums and bones around the teeth, and if not treated can lead to tooth and bone loss. Untreated periodontal disease can even be a risk factor for a heart attack or stroke.

The best way to combat periodontal disease is to receive regular professional cleanings at least twice a year. Dr. Kroll and his highly trained staff of hygienists check for gum disease, measure your periodontal pockets, and perform an oral cancer screening. They also do a thorough check of the condition of your teeth; looking for cracks that may be the result of grinding or temperomandibular joint problems (TMJ), decay and dry mouth caused by certain medications, the presence of gingivitis, and any other medical problems that may exist.

After the diagnostic procedures, Dr. Kroll and his staff will discuss the findings with you and recommend a course of treatment to keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime.

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