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Dental ExamDr. Kroll and the staff at Alta Mesa Family Dentistry in Monterey offer a wide-range of services and procedures to ensure your teeth are healthy and beautiful for a lifetime. Call for a free consultation and discuss all the dental services available.

Professional Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning and Oral Health Exams

It takes only six to eight months for enough bacteria to accumulate in our mouths and begin causing gingivitis and tooth decay. That's why a professional dental cleaning is so important to maintain the health and wellness of your teeth and gums. Having your teeth professionally cleaned by our experienced hygienist at least every six months ensures the removal of bacteria in your mouth before it can cause damage to your teeth and gums. And whereas brushing and flossing are vital parts of good oral care, some plaque becomes calcified to the point where brushing and flossing just can't remove it all and a professional cleaning is required.

Current research has also shown that a link exists between gingivitis and periodontal disease and the risk for heart disease. Even patients who have no other risk factors for heart disease-such as smoking, obesity, or genetic factors-are at risk for a heart attack if their gingivitis or periodontal disease is left untreated.

Consider this: gingivitis is an infection of the gum tissue caused by bacteria. The human body's immune system doesn't like bacteria, and sees it as a foreign object. Therefore, when the immune system attacks the bacteria it causes our gums to turn red, spongy, and hemorragic, a condition otherwise known as gingivitis. During your professional cleaning, Alta Mesa Family Dentistry's hygienist will not only remove the bacteria causing gingivitis through a combination of ultrasonic tips and hand scaling, but will also measure your gum tissue pockets around your teeth to see where the bacteria might be hiding. As gum disease doesn't hurt, most patients don't realize they have it, but by measuring these pockets around your teeth they can better advise patients of the condition of their teeth and gums and devise a treatment plan. Dr. Kroll will also perform an extensive examination of your mouth at your cleaning appointment to check for existing gum disease, cavities, and oral cancer.

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