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These aren't your grandparent's dentures! Utilizing a considerable arsenal of the latest technology, Dr. Kroll can create beautiful and life like partial and full denture sets using a prosthesis that ensure a perfect fit and natural appearance and function.

If Dr. Kroll sees a need for a partial or full denture to replace missing teeth, an impression is made of both arches in your mouth. Then, working with a highly skilled dental lab, three visits over a two-week period will ensure proper construction and an ideal fit.

Often, Dr. Kroll will recommend dental implants as an alternative to new or replacement dentures. When a tooth is lost, the jawbone deteriorates over time, making dentures hard to keep in place. The advantage of dental implants is that they ensure preservation of your jawbone for a lifetime, allowing patients to snap their dentures into place and giving them the advantage of eating anything they want.

It's also possible to eliminate your full dentures entirely with as few as four dental implants in each arch of the mouth. Called "All on Four" prosthesis, the teeth are constructed on a very strong, computer-crafted titanium bar attached to the implants. The palate of the mouth is no longer covered, so patients can again eat any food they wish, and everything will taste the way they remember before they got traditional dentures!

In conjunction with a denture, it is possible to actually snap your dentures into your mouth with a device called a locater ( it’s like a snap on a windbreaker jacket). With as few as two dental implants your existing dentures, especially the lower arch, can be made to snap in so they do not move around while you eat, they are solid as a rock.

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