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Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)

Root CanalWhat is a toothache? What is an abscessed tooth? Think of it this way: Every one of your teeth has a small canal in its root, and inside that canal-called the dental pulp-is the blood and nerve supply to the tooth. When trauma to the tooth occurs, either by a cavity or perhaps simply by biting down on something hard, this tissue can die, leading to an abscessed tooth.

When the tissue dies, methane gas is formed as your body's immune system seeks to rid itself of the dead tissue, and a toothache, caused by the pressure of this gas building inside your jawbone, occurs. Sometimes, the pressure finds a way out and the toothache disappears.

However, if you find yourself with any of the following symptoms, please call our office right away-even at night or on weekends:

  • If you have pain that comes and goes
  • If you have lingering pain after drinking something hot or cold
  • If you cannot bite down on the tooth without it hurting
  • If you have swelling above the tooth on your gum tissue

If indeed the tooth dies, Dr. Kroll may recommend having Root Canal Treatment. This involves removing all the dead tissue from inside the root of the tooth and filling the space with a natural rubber material called gutta percha. As the tooth can become dry and brittle-and be in danger of breaking-because it's no longer nourished by a blood or nerve supply, often the placement of a crown to protect the tooth is necessary following root canal therapy.

Happily, the procedure is not the long and painful experience it once was. Dr. Kroll can advise you on all the new technologies available should you need root canal therapy.

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