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Soft Tissue Lasers

Used mainly to trim gum tissue around teeth with no bleeding and very little post-operative discomfort, soft tissue lasers are a fascinating new technology available at Alta Mesa Family Dentistry. Often times, Dr. Kroll and his staff encounter inflamed red tissue around your tooth while performing a procedure, and this tissue can get in the way of making a crown. The laser consists of a tiny glass rod the thickness of fishing line that accurately and gently removes this tissue. Often no anesthesia is needed for this procedure, and after the tissue is removed staff can get a much clearer picture of your tooth.

Other uses for the soft tissue laser include:

  • Biopsy of small growths or lesions in your mouth without surgery
  • Lengthening your teeth with a procedure called periodontal plastic surgery. If you have too much gum around your front teeth and it causes you to have a "gummy" smile, the soft tissue laser can trim some of that away, exposing more of the teeth and greatly improving your smile.
  • Cleaning out bacteria in your periodontal pockets
  • Removing cold sores

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